August 26th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Well, here we are with only four more strips to go before the Strip of Destiny this Sunday. My sister Donna thinks that Friday's strip will be Jim and Marian dancing into the Great White Void with Masky McDeath leading the band. Why she thinks that is simple: it's blindingly obvious.

Or maybe Lynn will let him linger on a couple of months longer.

Panel 1: We see the Caines burst into Jim's room in all their revolting glory. Iris points this out to Jim and Liz says they came as fast as they could. Or Maybe Liz spoke first. It's hard to tell.

Panel 2: Anyway, it's Liz's turn at being Exposition Fairy. She tells him that it's her and Anthony who came so he could be part of their big day. He responds "Yes" because he can't say "Where the fuck are Elly and Phil, the ungrateful bastards?"

Panel 3: Iris resumes treating him like a simpleton by pointing out they hopped into a hoverlimo shortly after becoming whining asshole and wife. His "Yes?" is short for "No shit, Sherlock!"

Panel 4: He then delivers the punny ending about this being a classic case of hitch and run.

Summary: Jim's health is a non-issue. April will be called a picky-face (or is in the process of being called one) for wondering when she can see him. I hate Lynn for jerking us around like this but am glad that at least Liz and Anthony did something nice for a change.