August 22nd, 2008


FOOB's Paradise

I know this has been linked to earlier, but for anyone who didn't catch it, FOOB's Paradise is brilliant and it's just getting better and better!  I just wish we could let the author know how good the strip is.  For the record, April's hair is fantastic and I love the wrap-look shirt she's wearing.
Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 23 August 2008

It's the day of the wedding itself. That being said, I expect the ceremony itself will take up most of the remaining strips. Why? So Lynn can milk this dreary mess for all it's worth.

Panel 1: Well, here we are. As Liz prepares to march down the aisle to marry Awfulny, we see April tell Eat Dirt that he leads off the procession and has to go because the music has started.

Panel 2: Liz tells John they're (finally) on their way. He tells her to hold on tight.

Panel 3: She says not worry because she's calm. John says he knows that.

Panel 4: That because he needs her to steady him.

Summary: The reading of the vows will occur tomorrow.

ETA: The banner that indicates the Settlepocalypse has landed is finally up.

The Liz/Eric "Did they" issue

Okay, so I've been reading through strips from 2000 and 2001 at the AMU Reprint site. For the summer of 2001, Liz stayed in North Bay and worked at Megafood. In the July 10 strip, she bitches at Eric for not doing any cleaning. And one of the things she complains about? "The bedroom's a mess. How can you find anything?" Note, she doesn't say your bedroom (in spite of going through the prissy formality of having a separate room). No, she says "the" bedroom. And he replies, "All I need to find is you." Hmmmm. I think that's a pretty strong indication that Liz was not using the other bedroom (while also forcing Rudy to sleep on the sofa bed--nice!).