August 21st, 2008

Oh Joy

Off topic musings from Team Thérèse

A commenter over at TCC posted a link back to an entry about this strip about Thérèse's baby shower

And looking back on it, now that the Settleocalypse is upon us, it is infuriating.

In Panels 1 & 2 we have Thérèse being polite, gracious, smiling (ZOMG teh Ebil One can SMILE!) - and in general being a lovely person. I give her major credit for this because after all, this is the mother and sister of her husband's EX-GIRLFRIEND - why are they even there?! (oh that's right JElly paid off Tracey Mayes to destroy her)

Panel 3: We have Elly being a condescending self-righteous twat. As per usual.

Panel 4: The infamous "baby auction". The purpose of this is to show us that no other mother/mother-in-law can be St. Elly and that anyone who does anything different from The Perfect Pattersons are coarse, obnoxious boors (see also: Mira). To be honest, I half took the "auction" as a joke - maybe a little crass - but no worse than "dollar dances" at weddings. But what really gets me in this panel is Anthony. Fucking Anthony with his cringing, pathetic whiny look on his face. You can all but see the "Why couldn't that be Elizabeth!" thought bubble over his head. That's gotta radiate to Thérèse, she's got to feel that.

Yet still the KAN can't understand why some of us loathe Anthony, and think he's a miserable creep.
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Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 22 August 2008

It's the last day before the wedding. It's also my niece Carrie's thirty-fourth birthday. Let's see what kind of crappy gift Lynn gives her. It's bound to be worse than the one I got.

Panel 1: Elly greets Phil by telling him she thought he was going to be late. He says it was a close call.

Panel 2: She asks how Jim is and Phil says he's not great but he'll pull through. I doubt that myself but realize that, as far as these two idiots are concerned, his heart attack was like the Tree of Mild Inconvenience: an obstacle that looked like it would threaten something but turned out to be inconsequential.

Panel 3: He then comments on how nice everything looks which tells me he's both colorblind and insane. He then asks how Liz is. Elly responds "nervous, giddy, tired..." because she can't say "hopping-ass nuts" in a family strip.

Panel 4: Elly wishes Jim could be here. Phil, anticipating a scenario in which Jim's ghost looks on from Foob Heaven in approval, says he'll be there in spirit.

Panel 5: Elly, picking up on that, tells Beardo he said Jim would survive.

Summary: Let the festivities commence. Let's hope that Weed documents everything so that Jim can see it. Let's also hope that these sick bastards die slowly and painfully very soon.

Prediction: The vows will take up tomorrow AND Sunday's strips.