August 19th, 2008

Hells Yes!

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A casual friend of mine from church, Kim, got married on Saturday to the most wonderful (and very curly-headed) Jason and I thought I'd post some pics from a wedding that was very lovely, very elegant, and NOT a huge production. I have an aversion to people hunting me down with pitchforks and torches and lynching me, so I've put them behind a cut.


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No, sorry, no kissing pics.  I know you're disappointed, but suck it up.  Consider it prep for the lack of affection we'll see in the strip.  ;p
Panicky Candiru

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

It would seem that a pattern has been established wherein we alternate from people talking about Jim's latest heart attack and people preparing for the Settlepocalypse in blissful ignorance of the man's impending death. Let's see if that holds today, eh?

Panel 1: As the teal hoverlimo zooms down the road, one of the tinier occupants asks if it's the same kind of car movie stars use.

Panel 2: We have a hat-trick of questions from oddly articulate children. Francie wants to know how much longer this is going to take, Robin wants to know how many people got roped into this and Merrie wants to know if they can ride to the reception in the stretchmobile.

Panel 3: Francoise then informs Robin that she and he will be "stousins" after her dad marries the silly sandwich lady.

Panel 4: She then tells him that this is her contraction for the word step-cousins. He then has fun making up nonsense words on his own thereby indicating he will be Delicate Genius 2.0.

Panel 5: It looks as if howtheduck's joke about Elizabeth sensing a disturbance in the Force might be more accurate than he'd thought. This is because she yells STOP!! without looking at the kids. If she'd wanted them to be quiet, she'd be looking at them with the patented Elly narrow-eyed glare and angry frown. She instead looks as if she was hit in the back of the head with a two-by-four.

Prediction: Liz will have a premonition that something is wrong. There will be a futile race to the hospital. I will be filled with loathing.