August 18th, 2008


Why does every bad relationship happen to Liz?

If you compare Liz's love life to Mike's, you wonder if Liz is the cursed Patterson or if Lynn just has horrible contempt for her.

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God/Lynn hates Liz, y/y? Seriously, it Liz has NEVER had a normal relationship. And all this drama really isn't necessary to be interesting. Story arcs about Mike's love life were interesting, they were funny and showed genuine emotion. Liz's love life stopped being interesting around the 50th time Pornstache was seen pining for her.

Just to round out the Patterson clan, let's compare April as well.

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Why do you think Lynn hates Liz so much?
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So, I'm delirious from a lack of sleep it would seem. Therefor I figured what better time than the present to give Creepthony a five minute Photoshop makeover. I tried to make him look a little less like a weedy pussy-whipped milksop and a little more rugged. I know that using the words 'Anthony' and 'rugged' in the same general grammatical area is beyond laughable but it's at least some improvement... I suppose. Or maybe you could think of this as Bandthony's better looking twin who got the backbone *shrugs*

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

As you know, Liz has not been told about a huge bump that threatens her smooth ride to the altar: Jim's heart attack. howtheduck has pointed out that instead of this meaning his death, it's merely the device by which he'll be forced to move to Sunset Manor. If this is the case, Liz will be either told after the ceremony and deliver a bizarre speech about what's really important in life or we'll have the Hospital Wedding. Let's see what fresh Hell awaits us until then.

It's the Confused Oracle hitting us with a wall of text.

Panel 1: Iris explains to Phil that a sedated Jim who's wearing an oxygen mask has been fairly healthy since last October. She goes on to say that she thought he'd have Stroke Number Three but instead had Coronary Number Two.

Panel 2: Phil pleads with Iris to let him keep her company. After all, it ain't like Liz is gonna notice he's not here. She refuses to his offer. She'll be fine and she wants to be the first (and only) face he sees when he wakes up.

Panel 3: Tempting fate just as much as Liz did, she then says he'll recover from this and that the doctors are doing everything they can to make him better despite there being no doctors in sight.

Panel 4: She then tells him not to worry. Just have a great time at the wedding and act like nothing's wrong. Judging from the look on his face, that's not gonna happen.

Summary: Oh, that wacky Iris! Commanding people to do things that no decent human being should! As howtheduck said, she's just become the most important person in the strip because she just gave these people a choice between a dying man or an ugly wedding. Will they be human or Foobs? We shall have to see.