August 16th, 2008


Sunday, 17 August 2008

This, fortunately, is the last strip that shows us the planning for the Settlepocalypse. It should be noted that it does not serve the interests of the people who only see the strip on Sunday as next week's recap strip that depicts the wedding taking place in Jim's hospital room will completely confuse them.

Panel 1: We start things off with April telling Elly that Annie will be serving vegetarian nibbles with dips on the side. Elly's confused thought bubble indicates that she thinks that sounds too close to a name brand of dry dog food. Liz, it would seem, is off with the bridesmaids playing Sisterhood of the Awful Lavender Dress.

Panel 2: Dee tells Elly that the band has arrived and asks her when a good time to start would be.

Panel 3: Totally destroying the point of Thursday's strip, Mira informs Elly that she changes the flower girls into their dresses but cannot find the flower baskets.

Panel 4: April ups the discontinuity ante by asking Elly where Georgia is supposed to put the wedding gifts.

Panel 5: Dee then asks Elly if a missing cuff link belongs with one of the tuxes. If it's teal or lavender, that's a definite possibility.

Panel 6: April then tells Elly that Anthony's mother wants a picture of the wedding cake before it's cut. Being the recipient of a wall of text for a change seems to be taking its toll on Sheet Shaver.

Panel 7: A suspiciously advanced Robin asks who's getting in the limo, Meredith wants to know when this starts and Mira can't find the hairbrush.

Panel 8: Elly whines to John about how Liz and Anthony wanted a simple ceremony instead of a gaudy farce that forces her to listen to questions and pay attention to details.

Panel 9: Instead of calling her on her bullshit and reminding her that since she took over, this is all her fault, John tells her that everyone wants to be part of the magic. Sure, it may look as if they were steamrolled into providing free stuff by the people who own their horses but that's not what happened, no way.

Panel 10: Things like this just snowball and it's as simple as that. No need to accept anything sick and wrong like personal responsibility.

Summary: You're about to have a different set of concerns Monday, Elly. This tells me that you'll regard doing what you hate most (dealing with questions) as a pretty good deal.