August 15th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 16 August 2008

We're at the last week of wedding preparations so we should expect that we'll see a group of people who have no business being in the same place doing or saying something that doesn't make sense. After all, Lynn has a tradition to maintain. Let's see how she does it.

Actually, a spoiler comes in to play.

Panel 1: As Elly takes a phone call, John reminds her that she has to go because everyone else is ready. She tells him to hold on a second because her brother Phil is on the line.

Panel 2: She asks him to repeat what he said as well as his location.

Panel 3: He, Iris and Georgia are at the hospital because Jim had yet another heart attack brought on by the fatty foods Flapandhonk stupidly feeds him. He thus won't be coming to the wedding.

Panel 4: Iris will, of course stay with him and he and Georgia will be right over. He then tells Elly not to tell Elizabeth about this.

Panel 5: After all, Jim wouldn't want to spoil her big day on his account. Too bad Elly's day is spoiled. I guess we won't spend the last week watching people kiss her ass after all.

Summary: BOXCAR!!!!! This is the monkey-wrench they talked about on CC. If Iris and Phil think Liz is going to stroll down the aisle not knowing about Jim's troubles until after whatever honeymoon she goes on, they've really lost it. She's going to spend the rest of her frakking life feeling like something somebody scraped of their shoes because her big day was one of his last. Crap. The Settlepocalypse will be the Deathbed Wedding of Ultimate Doom.
Koumori and her Laptop

Posted on Josh's Site:

Another article about Lynn not being able to make up her damn mind.

FYI: Elly told John 'no dog' (Or more specifically, "If you come back with one, I quit!") before he and Mike went over to look at Mrs. Baird's puppies. Elly eventually followed and was told (read: manipulated) by Mrs. Baird that one of the puppies was a rejected runt who would die without a mother's love. One strip later, the Pattersons went home with Farley, who promptly peed on Elly. Lucky dog.