August 14th, 2008

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Foob rants on YouTube amuse me greatly. It's so spifftastic to not only read people's snarking comments but hear and see them as well. I thought you guys might get a kick out of this :)

I wonder if Lia frequents our humble community

Meanwhile, back to Therese

I found this: 

"Why I Cheated" - Women Fess Up


By Chelsea Kaplan 

Reason #1: There's no passion

Reason #2: To delay a breakup

Reason #3: Because absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder

Reason #4: So she's not left out in the cold

Reason #5: She deserves better

Reason #6: She's looking for a missing piece

Reason #7: To give him a taste of his own medicine

Reason #8: There's something lacking in the physical department

Unfortunately, I've not been able to find anything to explain why Anthony "cheated" on Liz by marrying Therese.  Of course he stayed with her, until she'd given him a baby - maybe if Frannie had been a boy, he would have stayed with Therese, as I've known jerks who would marry the mother of their kid ONLY if said kid was a boy.  

And as for the CTers who married their own "Anthony"s the second time around - maybe it was that they were married to an Anthony the FIRST time around!

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The final Sunday Strip ...

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 15 August 2008

We're almost at the last week of the Wedding Preparations sequence. It certainly looks as if things are coming together to give Liz a dream wedding but appearances can be deceiving. If the planning was as disjointed as the last two weeks of strips, we won't need a deus ex machina to come along and derail things.

Panel 1: We return to Liz, Dawn, Candace and Shawna-Marie. As Candace adjusts her veil and compliments her on her looks, Shawna Marie states that she thinks Liz could use a touch more blush.

Panel 2: She and Dawn (who should open her eyes, for Christ's sake) take turns being Giddy Numbskull Exposition Fairies. S-M thinks it's sooooooo cool that Liz was a crappy bridesmaid at both her and Dawn's weddings while Dawn points out that Liz has exacted her revenge by making them her bridesmaids.

Panel 3: Candace then regresses into a fourteen year old by asing them to make a Best Friends Forevah!! pact.

Panel 4: They turn into silhouettes and do so.

Panel 5: Liz just hopes they can survive the day. This is because she realizes that this is the last time these people will actually be her friends. In a few months time Deanna and Tracey Mayes will be her "Friends and Influences".

Summary: If the rumors are true, those words will be eerily prophetic.
Hells Yes!

Anyone Remember This?

I'm looking for the strip where Liz was lying on her bed with Melodramatically Sad Lips of Loveliness and thinking about how "OH! I need a man!". I want to use Liz in an article I'm writing about what society brainwashes women into thinking and how it's annoying to those of us who've broken free of it.