August 13th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 14 August 2008

We have a few days left before the vows start and most of the players are about to make the scene. Let's see if this strip is glurgey, pun-laden or both.

It's neither. What is does do, though, is "demonize" Mira.

Panel 1: We see the three children (Meredith, Francoise and Robin) at play in their ugly clothes. This, of course, horrifies Deanna who, realizing that Elly will judge her harshly if she sees them acting like children instead of little sixty-year olds, tells them to stop horsing around this instant.

Panel 2: She then reminds them that they'll get their hideous clothes dirty and thus should sit down.

Panel 3: They've sat down but they haven't really quieted down. This makes Deanna nervous because she's started to believe Elly's theory that children are supposed to sit down and stare blankly into space like little dummies for hours on end.

Panel 4: Deanna expresses her main complaint to her evil mother: she has to keep them quiet and clean until after the reception or else Elly will remind Mike who owns his horses.

Panel 5: Mira's solution is simple AND evil: she gives them candy. This horrifies Deanna who, despite evidence to the contrary, believes they've just been fueled up.

Summary: Mira can do no right. Film at 11.

Found this on Go Comics

Yet another interview with Lynn explaining what's going to happen Sept 1.

What I find interesting is she's going to start over again with Liz as a baby and Mike as a five-year-old, but she's also going to write in Farley's adoption in October? Of course, that was the author's words, not Lynn's, so maybe they got confused on that.