August 11th, 2008

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The Liography of Anthony Caine.......

I honestly expect to see Anthony's bio to be posted sometime this week so I'm opening up this thread for the enumeration of the plot holes and logical fallacies we all know we'll see. We should also expect to see Anthony's father join Therese, Mira and Becky in embodying Lynn's belief that Ambition is EVIL!!

A logogogue lilt on the Pattersons

I am a verbivore (and occasionally lexiphanicist), and so find a deep thrill in finding just the right word for a situation. Collapse )

----> If this is deemed too off-topic, please delete it or ask me to do so. I just thought it'd be fun to find the perfect insult for these characters, because I am a nerd. :)

"There's a Word for It!" by Charles Elster, and the OED, helped muchly with his entry.

Collection Recap: A Look Inside For Better Or For Worse

I'm going to do a slightly different recap here, as this book is actually three collections in one, so I'll break it down accordingly.  The first part of the collection is Lynn's 1989 biography, including drawings from her childhood, high school, art school, time as a medical illustrator and on into the first three collections of single-panel work, David, We're Pregnant, Hi Mom, Hi Dad, and Do They Ever Grow Up? which led to FBorFW.

Since the biography concerns real people rather than the characters in the strip, I'm only going to note only those parts which have influenced the strip.  I'm sure this collection is available at libraries for anyone wanting the full story, but don't forget that there have been some significant real life retcons.

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Collection Recap: The Funny Papers - Ten Years of Color / A Teenager in the House (1988-89)

Part two of A Look Inside... is a selection of coloured strips from the first decade.  (There are two complete collections of Sunday strips, More Than A Month of Sundays and Our Sunday Best, but my copies are still in Canada.)  Since they are Sunday strips, they usually stand alone rather than continue any on-going storylines.  A number of them have appeared in re-runs over the past year, like John growling as soon as he comes home or Mike noticing that they only attend church twice a year.

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August 31

Perhaps the reason why Coffee Talk hasn't updated is because LJ was busy firing her staff today? According to this link, her new-old comics won't require all that help. Oh, and the "clouds are gathering."

And April magically skips ahead a year or two and gets accepted to Guelph.

Also mentioned here and here.

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Ordinarily, I'd speculate on what might happen in a given strip and be proven wrong because of my foolish expectation that Lynn would have the Pattersons behave as if they were normal human beings. That does not obtain today because I know what happens owing to my local paper showing today's strip prematurely.

We have:

- John telling Liz he's proud of her in response to her asking what he thought of the wedding. Reason: She "grew up" and put all the nonsense about defining herself as something other than an extension of her parent's will.

- Weed showing up and turning into the Unnecessary Exposition Fairy by telling them this is a great opportunity for a father-daughter portrait.

- Weed giving them pointers on how to look as if they care about each other. No spontaneity for the Pattersaints. They've got to say they're wonderful with their eyes.

- The two of them thought-bubbling "You're something... wonderful" to each other while looking as if they want to have white-hot sex with each other.

- Me being ashamed to be an English-speaking Canadian.

- Me trying to figure out what the Hell Weed did in panel three that made them look like they wanna vomit in terror.