August 7th, 2008


Friday, 8 August 2008

As we near the end of the first week of the Settlepocalypse, it seems obvious that the two-week lead-up will contain lots of horrible puns and more examples of the appalling color scheme. It should also be obvious that Therese will probably not appear; after all, the Liography of Anthony Caine will supply us with our RDA of vilification.

Panel 1: Location: Tiny Train House. As we see another exterior shot, Jo tells Liz that he needs photos of her getting ready and that she should look a bit frazzled. Liz explains she already is. Watching everyone in the world work while she sits on her ass was worn her down, hasn't it?

Panel 2: As Edgar stops to wonder what the fuss is about, we clear up a mystery. It was Carleen putting on Liz's veil yesterday. This is because Weed tells her by name to turn around because the hairstylist is needed. What's also needed is someone to explain why her dress changed color to maroon.

Panel 3: We see Dawn, who's wearing the same dress as April, beams at us over Liz's right shoulder, and Carleen whispering to Liz about how impressed she's going to be at her wedding album. He's up for another award, you see. Liz says she knows this.

Panel 4: As Candace adjusts her bustle, Liz reminds us that people pretty much handed her stuff on a silver tray and wonders what she can do to repay them. This is so Lynn can answer all the people who think Liz is an unappreciative bint who exploits her friends and takes everyone for granted.

Panel 5: Too bad that answer is that they all live to serve the Blessed White Trash. As Liz is framed by her bridesmaids (April, Candace, Dawn and Shawna-Marie), Candace tells to to just enjoy herself and not worry about silly things like gratitude. Dawn tells her it's the bridesmaid's day too. Their day to be outshone by a vapid nitwit.

Summary: The puns will alternate with glurge. Get something stronger than Gravol.

SPOILER ALERT!! My local paper accidently published next Tuesday's strip in today's paper. It contains Weed, JSTF and Liz thought-bubbling glurge and the disturbing imagery we've come to expect from them.