August 6th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 7 August 2008

As we enter into the fourth day of the Settlepocalypse Proper, it seems obvious that Lynn has a structure. This week, you see, is Everyone who isn't Elizabeth or Anthony gets ready. Next week, Liz has her final confrontation with Therese, the next the wedding and the last will be everyone lining up to kiss Elly's ass. Let's see if Dee winds up getting gob-smacked today.

Maybe tomorrow. Right now it's the Aypo and Lizardbreath show.

Panel 1: We see April in her strapless dress talking to Liz about the limos. It seems that Gordo's first example of fealty to the Pattersons is to provide six stretchmobiles. It says lots that Dawn (or is that Carleen?) and Meredith are so used to Liz that they tune out her yelling. Meredith checks to see if her ugly dyed flowers are in the basket that goes with the ugly dress (lavender yoke and teal skirt) Aunt Liz is making her and Francoise wear and Carleen (or Dawn) (in a lavender dress with straps) continues putting everyone's hair in ugly buns.

Panel 2: April then explains that the biggest is for Liz and the bridal party and the rest for family members, Gordon has even hired drivers to pick guests up at their houses. This causes Liz to exclaim "Wow!!"

Panel 3: She then says that she's really stunned because it makes the Pattersons look like celebrities instead of crude, low-class twits showing off. I think her finding out about this at the last minute because she zoned out when this was agreed on makes her look stupid as a sack of hair. April affirms her sister's surprised sentiment.

Panel 4: After all, Mayes Motors never does anything half-classed. Liz shows us she's a better person than John by laughing at April's awful (second-hand) pun.

Summary: We got ten more inane puns to plow through before the ceremony. You might wanna stock up on Gravol.