August 1st, 2008


Future of Foob

I just got the August Newsletter from, and it had this, about the repeat era slated to begin in a month:
Well, folks, this month is a big one around the studio! The wedding date is set, and Lynn has just recently finished the last of the FBorFW strips that deal with the present-day Pattersons. Watch our website for special updates on the strip during the month of August. Beginning on September 1st, FBorFW will begin again. This is not the end of For Better or For Worse; it's the beginning of a new era for Lynn - and we promise we'll keep bringing you fresh updates on the whole Patterson clan.
So, last new strips are in the can--I guess there's no turning back now (both on the Lizthony stuff and the repeat reboot).
Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 2 August 2008

As you may have figured out, this, while no doubt wedding-related, is one of the last strips before we enter into the Settlepocalypse Proper. As such, it will also be one of the last reasonably tolerable ones before Lynn's bold new experiment blows up on the launch pad. I expect to see a groaner pun that's been worked backwards from.

Panel 1: We find the sappy couple at his place. As Francoise plays with something I don't immediately recognize, Anthony asks if she has any second thoughts. Liz says no. She loves him, Francoise and, having not yet read his bio, his family.

ETA: The black and white version reveals that Francoise is giving her dolly a bath in a kiddie pool.

Panel 2: She again gushes that she had a huge crush on him in high school despite massive evidence to the contrary, not to mention not realizing that the two of them are still on Chance Number One.

Panel 3: She next compares the normal human drive to define herself on her own terms as a selfish running away from the life her 'loving' mother planned for her, the smothering embrace of conformity that loomed before her all along. Before she can spout more dogma, Anthony says "Elizabeth...."

Panel 4: ".....Welcome home." The near-perfect repetition of a scenario we all witnessed last December piques Francie's curiosity causing her to stare at Daddy and the Silly Sandwich Lady.

Summary: Monday, the Settlepocalypse begins. Also, Liz has yet to receive the memo that states that she must revile her future in-laws.