July 31st, 2008

Blue Om

August 23rd--sloppy writing or symbolic?

Since it's been noted that the Lizard and Granthony will be married on what would have been Anthony and Therese's fifth wedding anniversary, I figured this was a topic deserving it's own post.  If nothing else, it just gives us more opportunity to snark.  *grin*

So was Lynn being sloppy and not noticing that Anthony had already been married on that date, or shall we read dark symbolism in here?  The first possibility shows how little Lynn bothers to research the history of her own strip, which implies laziness.  The second...well, anything goes if the date was chosen deliberately.

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 1 August 2008

Since Lynn has already wrapped up the Jim-related story arc, it seems obvious that the month might begin with new business. The question, of course, is what. Will we see Mike announce that Book Three is out? The last pet strip? The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, the only possibility is the Settlepocalypse.

Panel 1: We see John at the computer. April comes in to tell him that the rental place called; Anthony's uncle says that he can pick up his tux in the morning.

Panel 2: She them tells him that he's "gonna" look "soooo sophisticated" and "el-ee-gant" walking the Breath down the aisle.

Panel 3: She then reminds her that he didn't "hafta" do that much at Mike and Dee's wedding but that this time he's "gotta" 'give away the bride'*.

* For some unguessable reason, there are quotes around the phrase.

Panel 4: Lynn then has John refute the snarkers who say that people are simply giving them stuff for next to nothing by thought bubbling that it's costing him a bundle.

Summary: Kiss University goodbye, Martian.