July 27th, 2008


Monday, 28 July 2008: Settlepocalypse is GO!!!

This just in from Comics Curmudgeon: Elly is going over the wedding plans with Jim next week. The word 'glow' is used and the date has been revealed.

Panel 1: Elly says that she's glad the Iris is off visiting her son because she wanted time alone with him.

Panel 2: She then admits that she hasn't been keeping him up to date but now (with Iris out of the way) she can fill him in. He responds by saying "Yes" because he can't ask why Iris's presence keeps him from knowing this stuff.

Panel 3: Liz's wedding is set to occur on 23 August. Liz is going to look lovely in the Miracle Dress and Anthony's uncle is handling the men's formal wear. He again says Yes. This is because he can't ask how it is that Elly got all this free stuff.

Panel 4: She then gushes that April will sing at the wedding, Mike has provided a speech and all the children will be there in the wedding party. A lame pop ditty, a glurgey speech and three bored children fighting each other. Yay!!

Panel 5: As she continues to rant about the Kitsch Abomination Wedding, Jim thought-bubbles that this is a glow-by-glow description.

Summary: We're probably going to spend a few days reading flashbacks. Also, not talking to Jim because Iris is around is just plain stupid and mean. Way to remind her that she's just your dad's sitter, Elly.

ETA: She's changed banners again. This time, she's promoting the online game that has us looking for that silly doll of Mike and Weed's, the famous Ned Tanner.