July 25th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 26 July 2008

As we end the week, we should steel ourselves to the possibility that we're in for another round of flashbacks. That, or Elly suffering nobly because, as you will recall, it's all about her. Either way, the last week of July will be a big load of crap.

Panel 1: Today's strip follows that Wall-of-text format. Elly fills a panel by describing the food she and Jim will eat: shepherd's pie, chicken and biscuits, bread pudding and trifle. If this is one meal, Jim's digestive tract is going to be working overtime tonight. I don't know what will hurt him more: the indigestion or the knowledge that his daughter eats like a wild animal.

Panel 2: She then says that despite his recent and inexplicable-to-her grouchiness they will have fun.

Panel 3: You see, she brought him a copy of Blood Carbo, the term paper that April was writing when she was interrupted because Elly wanted her to Pattersnarf NOW, snapshots of everyone and herbs from the garden.

Panel 4: She tells him that she's also brought the newspaper, some music and some chocolate that he can't eat; she's about to list more things when she sees him start to smile.

Panel 5: He glurgily thought-bubbles that she brought a smile with her too. In real life, this would be because of his hoping that he dies on her watch thereby taking her down a peg or two.

Summary: Crap. We're about to be told that Iris doesn't stimulate him enough. This means that she'll be relieved of her duties so that Jim may received super-great care at Sunset Acres.