July 22nd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

In yesterday's strip, Iris mentioned that Elly was going to take over watching Jim for a while, probably to avoid having to watch Liz blow a blood vessel over nothing. This means one of two things will happen: either Elly will yell that she's through being a daughter in response to some mild frustration and pack Jim off to the Assisted Living Warehouse or she'll perform a miracle cure. Either way, reading this strip is a lousy way to spend thirty seconds of my forty-third birthday.

Panel 1: We start off today's mess with Flapandhonk telling Jim the the people at the front desk told her she could find him and Iris in the garden. His response is to say "Yes."

Panel 2: She then runs her mouth about how great it must be to have such a nice garden behind his building. He again says "Yes".

Panel 3: Iris then reminds him that Elly will be looking after him while she visits her son.

Panel 4: Sheet Shaver then repeats that because she too thinks he has the IQ of a pile of manure. His response is to angrily yell "Yes! Yes! YES!"

Panel 5: Iris then tells a shocked Elly that it's not his memory that's short, it's his temper. Jeez, I wonder why that is? It couldn't be that he's all the way "in" there and treated like a vegetable by impatient simpletons, is it?

Summary: Jim is one "Boxcar" away from living at Sunset Acres.

ETA: She changed the banner again. Now, we're back to looking at Edgar the dog as he drinks from the sprinkler.