July 19th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 July 2008

It's a modern day strip that seems like a harmless enough example of Patter-stupidity involving a failure to grasp what the phrase 'surface area' means until you look at the last panel. Then you suddenly realize that the world is coming to an end. That's 'cause EatDirt does stuff and Dee isn't gobsmacked.

Panel 1: We start off with Robin digging up the yard next to the fence and shoveling dirt into a pail. Hmmmm.... This won't end well.

Panel 2: He packs it down. This is made easy because the soil is somewhat sandy.

Panel 3: Having done that, he dumps it back out.

Panel 4: Having gathered clumps of it in both hands, he twirls around in place letting it swirl around him.

Panel 5: Having put some in the the of a toy truck, he lays down in it and pretends to drive the thing.

Panel 6: He then picks up the truck and dumps it out.

Panel 7: Next, he leans back into the fence and kicks up the dirt.

Panel 8: He then changes position as as to finally coat himself evenly in topsoil.

Panel 9: Deanna then motions for him to come inside.

Panel 10: As she washes him, she wonders (with a rueful smirk) how little sand could get so many places. First, it's dirt, not sand. Second, she's scrubbing him so hard she's getting water in his ears. Third, she, as stillayuppie said, obviously did something stupid and tracked his dirt into the house. Fourth, she could have avoided this and, as stillayuppie said, bought a sandbox. At least she's not gobsmacked, though.

Summary: It's another example of a woefully unprepared parent confused by her child's normal, everyday behavior. Lynn must have been made of fail as a Mom.
Hells Yes!

The Costume Nazi Speaks Out on The 'Antique' Gown

I talked to a woman who has decades of experience with vintage clothes the other day and asked her what the condition of a 40’s wedding gown that had been in a crawlspace under a house for about ten or fifteen years. With absolutely no hesitation, she told me the gown would, indeed, be yellowed and stained and there’s a good possibility of mildew as well. When I asked what, if anything, dry cleaning would do, she told me the mildew spots wouldn’t be removed. She wasn’t clear about other stains, though, but I’m thinking that would be another ‘sorry, Charlie’. She wasn’t clear about the state of sheer sleeves but she didn’t correct me when I said those would’ve rotted away over the decades.

As for Liz’s gown being white, Hell has a better chance of freezing over than the gown ever being white again. No trip to the drycleaner would change that. I know I’m not saying anything we didn’t already know, but we have Expert Testimony to support us now. I explained someone I knew had written a story where said gown was taken to the drycleaner and it was white and clean again. To quote the woman I talked to, “That’s not a very good story. Why would anyone write that?” Smiling slightly, I said someone who didn’t bother to do any research, a view the woman totally agreed with. ;)

I’m Costume Coordinator for a local production of HMS Pinafore (more on that in my LJ) and the director wants the costumes true to the year the show was first produced, so I’ll be doing plenty of research into Victorian fashions. As we all know and Lynn couldn’t be arsed to verify, Marian was drawn previously in a garment clearly from the Victorian era so look forward to further commentaries/Costume Nazi rantings on the reasons why it’s highly unlikely Marian would’ve been wearing something like that. I’m sure I’ll end up repeating some or all of what I’ve said before but that was digging through memory and hoping I was getting it right.

Absolutely Marian was wearing a corset with the Victorian gown. Any time Lynn has drawn Marian, she has not been a slender stick of a woman so there’s no way she fit without having her waist artificially shrunk. IIRC, the thought bubble we see Marian and Jim dancing at their wedding in doesn’t show Marian with an hourglass-type figure. The Costume Nazi is Not Amused because it is clear research was not done and Costume Nazi is anal-retentive about doing your research when drawing period clothing. The Costume Nazi is especially Not Amused because of the minimal amount of research required to find out when a woman wore the style of gown Marian is wearing she would be wearing a corset to give her an hourglass shape. The Costume Nazi is certain that no farm girl would have been wearing something like what Marian was drawn in because the Costume Nazi is pretty sure that sort of garment was worn by women of a higher socio-economic status than that of Poor Farm Girl, so unless a female relative on Marian’s family tree ‘married down’ and gave Marian that gown, this is definitely another example of Lynn Johnson’s willful ignorance.

ETA: The Costume Nazi has discovered the size of the bustle varied during the Victorian era so she shall be looking into seeing what year Marian's REAL gown would've been from (more or less). That'll also give info on waist size/silouette as well.

The Costume Nazi reports that the waist would probably be between 20" and 26" and the period is turn of the century. Big Bustles=lots of skirt fabric. Either Marian was a stick (read: XS to S clothing size) or she was wearing a corset, so if Liz is wearing her gown (pretend with me, folks), she's XS to S. Anyone have an idea of what size Liz is/might be?