July 18th, 2008


Saturday, 19 July 2008

As we finish up the current week, it seems to me that it's likely that Therese might pull a Becky today and tell Liz she's the mother she wishes she could have been. I hope I'm wrong but Lynn needs to have her strange world-view validated too badly to make me think otherwise.

Maybe later, maybe never. First, Anthony's gotta make light of Liz's parenting skills.

Panel 1: We see what will soon be known as the Caine family at a fast food place. Francie is asking Liz if she gets to be flower girl this August. Liz, not pecking up on the fact that the child ended a question with an exclamation point, says that both she and Meredith will be flower girls.

Panel 2: Trying to determine her place in the pecking order, Francie then asks which one will be first. In a half-answer to that, Liz tells her that Ring-bearer Poopie-Pants goes first.

Panel 3: Francie then asks why she cannot do both jobs. Liz, not getting that the child wonders what her place will be in the family, reminds her that she'll be carrying the flowers.

Panel 4: She then says that if she and Meredith are really, really good, they'll get a gift for not spoiling Liz's all-important white wedding. I can name two children who aren't getting a gift because of someone else's ridiculously high standards.

Panel 5: In any event, this causes the Pasty One to make it seem like Liz's bribing children into doing what she wants is something to laugh about. Creep.

Summary: Hmmmmm.... He's undermining Liz's authority as a parent because of a sadistic need to see her act frustrated and foolish. She is marrying a man like JSTF, after all.