July 15th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

It seems sort of obvious that Liz is going to make April pay for calling her on her bullshit today. That being said, I'd say the most appropriate honeymoon destination would be Sydney, Australia. That's because I just remembered another time that Liz was stressing out because someone wasn't going to do the work for her. You see, she wanted John to write an essay about the Land Down Under and his response was to tell to calm down, take her time and do it herself. This whole mess is another essay about Australia.

Well, so much for me as a prophet. Today, John has to pry his foot from his yap.

Panel 1: We find him and Elly getting ready for bed. He states that Elly's actually enjoying planning the wedding. She allows as how she is.

Panel 2: She then talks about how it reminds her of her own wedding. They didn't think too much about what they were doing and just got hitched.

Panel 3: His response is that since their marriage lasted thirty years or so, he's done all the right things. Picking up on how he implies that she's made mistake after mistake, she questions his choice of pronoun.

Panel 4: He then does some serious back-pedaling as he admits that he should have said we.

Panel 5: The final panel finds them in bed. He thought-bubbles how he did the right thing. The implication is that he was insincere about apologizing.

Summary: Her attempt to kick Rod in the crotch again falls flat because not only has JSTF spent half his life doing bad stuff, so has Sheet Shaver. They're just too stupid to see how much havoc they've wreaked over the last three decades and change. We're also about to be inundated with examples of how rushing into marriage without asking if they shared trivial things like 'values' and 'expectations of each other' was a bad thing.