July 14th, 2008


Major Paper Drop for FBOFW July 14

from r.a.c.s...

The Detroit Free Press today dropped the daily FBOFW strip; Sunday FBOFW will run until Aug 3.

From today's Freep:

"We bid adieu to the comic 'For Better or for Worse' as Lynn
Johnston continues to offer recycled vintage strips, not new work. Even
Stephan Pastis of 'Pearls before Swine' lampooned it this week."
Cynical Candiru

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It seems to me that the point of this week is to show the Pattersons' friends handing Liz things for free because she's an amazing person and not because they've been bullied into it by Elly. That being said, it's obvious that fairest1 is absolutely right in assuming that the Breath is too low-class to actually thank people for their insane generosity.

We'll have to see about that. Right now, Liz has to glower at April for calling her on her bullshit.

Panel 1: We're at Settlepocalypse Central, a/k/a the Tiny Train House. April tells Liz that Lawrence let her borrow some catalogs. Liz is happy to hear it.

Panel 2: April then tells Liz to do what she's supposed to do and choose an arrangement she likes. Liz gushes about his and Nick's generosity.

Panel 3: April then becomes the Exposition Fairy and reminds Liz that everything has been planned out (by other people instead of the person getting married) to within an inch of its life.

Panel 4: She then asks an angered Liz what she'd like to freak out about next.

Summary: Liz is rarely grateful to have her flaws pointed out to her so a reminder that she spent the last few days sitting on her ass screaming about how bad things were when other people were making sure her dream wedding meets or exceeds her expectations is unwelcome. This means that tomorrow's strip will feature a Martian getting yelled at.

ETA: There's a new banner on the Foob homepage; for some reason, Lynn has treated us to Elly acting like an immature jerk.