July 12th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Today's Sunday strip, which kerssido appropriately called "The Wall of Text" is Lynn's attempt to show the Sunday-only crowd that the womenfolk are busy planning the wedding. The men are absolved because they have penises.

Panel 1: We lead off with Dawn reading from a list which April checks off. April and Elly then check off the list of things Flapandhonk was supposed to see to while Liz and Shawna-Marie look on.

Panel 2: Someone asks if the list is done which causes Elly to thought-bubble "Cheque" to remind us that she's a Canadian who's going broke marrying her daughter off to a sleazy piece of shit.

Panel 3: Dawn reminds the gals that they have all the decorations for the tables ready. Elly points out that the place cards were not the ones they wanted. I wonder if anyone will care.

Panel 4: Deanna peers over Shawna-Marie's shoulder as she goes over how Lawrence will deliver the floral arrangements nobody will remember in a week's time.

Panel 5: Dawn and Elly's silhouette remind everyone else's what the Pattersons will devour in their standard revolting fashion.

Panel 6: Shawna Marie reminds those assembled about the music for this atrocity. Dawn tells her that there'll be a different DJ.

Panel 7: Elly is astonished by Liz's revelation that the ceremony must be moved away from a fountain that's being repaired. This is because up till now, Liz's contribution has been standing around like a wooden Jesus in a country graveyard while other people do her work for her and throwing tantrums when she has to pitch in.

Panel 8: Deanna informs the crowd that Mira cannot find the fabric shat was decided on for the flower girl dresses and suggests a less garish color scheme. So. They'll treat her like crap but expect her to contribute anyway. That makes her an older version of April.

Panel 9: Elly then though-bubbles the punchline. The hypocritical premise is that the tears you see at weddings are ones of relief.

Summary: Nobody was holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them to do all this stuff so whining about it is sort of irritating.