July 11th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Now that Anthony has been reminded that his shiny, pink dime-roll frees him from participating in the wedding plans, let's see how exactly Lynn plans to wrap up the week. Perhaps everyone will yell at April for deliberately being seventeen.

Maybe next week. Right now, John's gotta push the party line.

Panel 1: We start off with JSTF yapping about how happy he is that Awfulny will finally be part of the Patterson family. It speaks volumes about how twisted this man is that he wants his daughter's stalker as his son-in-law.

Panel 2: He then states that Liz had two terrifying brushes with defining herself on her own terms instead of mindlessly falling in lockstep with her parents' authoritarian and selfish plans for her future but they came to nothing. Anthony thanks him for being an inflexible jackass who wouldn't consider any husband who wasn't a manipulative bully who destroyed his first marriage so he could pursue an immature fantasy.

Panel 3: John then states that since Anthony has a whole bunch of good qualities that he really doesn't he'll make a great husband.

Panel 4: This leads both men to thought bubble "Or else".

Summary: John wasted a perfectly good threat on someone who will never give him reason to be suspicious. Anthony desperately wants to be part of the Patterclan so he'll never get caught doing to Liz what he did to Therese.