July 10th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 11 July 2008

As we get ready to end this week of Liz's further devolution into Bridezilla, let's stop and reflect on why she feels like she has to have a big wedding; she doesn't realize that Elly doesn't care about the ceremony but she definitely wants Liz to actually get married. Flapandhonk would be down with a ceremony like Mike and Dee had in the privacy of their own home seven and a half years ago but Liz doesn't know that.

That issue is not addressed today, Instead, Anthony shows up.

Panel 1: We see Nostache greet John with a hearty "How's it going, Dr. P?" John, who's doing some yard work, says "Fine". Blandthony then asks after Liz.

Panel 2: John explains that the womenfolk are busy with wedding plans and he should not go in there. He'd say that if things were running smoothly because he thinks that Anthony's only job is to show up on time. Assthony asks if there's a problem.

Panel 3: John informs the younger passive-aggressive bully that there's always a problem when you plan a wedding. He then gives him a recap of the week's crises. Anthony, who knew that wedding plans snowballed out of control anyway, asks if they should elope.

Panel 4: John's response: "What? And miss all the unnecessary stress and pointless hysteria?"

Summary: John Patterson is a sadistic bastard who gets off on watching the women around him work themselves into a lather.