July 9th, 2008


Thursday, 10 July 2008

As you may or may not know, jjamele and auburn_vixen have predicted that April will be blamed for the missing invitations that had Liz's panties in a bunch Tuesday. This will probably be the focus of today's strip. This will be followed by Jim Inman going on Yahoo! and cheering Liz on for doing it.

Maybe tomorrow. Right now, Liz has to not freaking listen to what people are telling her.

Panel 1: We find her and Elly on the back steps. She's whining that she wanted things to be simple but, like Anthony tried to warn her, things ran away from her. Elly says that she, despite being better able to have kept things from snowballing herself, can definitely relate.

Panel 2: Tension, you see, comes with the territory what with all the details society seems to expect. Besides, it's not just a big, fancy party where Liz gets to wear a pretty dress and be the center of attention.

Panel 3: There's the years afterward that are really important. It's about married life with the man that her mother picked out for her because she's convinced herself that Anthony is a whole bunch of good things that he isn't.

Panel 4: She then reminds Liz that this is a big turning point in her life. Liz looks as if she's either just had an epiphany or noticed that Elly cut one.

Panel 5: Sadly, she hasn't heard a word of what Elly said because she just came up with another stupid detail (how wine should be served) that nobody will ever care about to fret over. Elly looks like she just realized she was trying to have a heart-to-heart chat with a radio.

Summary: When Elly looks like she has common sense, you know things are bad. Liz isn't focusing on what's really important here. She doesn't give a damn about married life and all the joys and mostly pain that come with being married to Blandthony; she just wants to be the Girl in The White Dress.