July 7th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, the week of 7 July 2008

As we enter into another week of pointless rushing about willed upon us by a hysterical nitwit who can't plan farther ahead than the next five seconds, it should be obvious that we're in for another week of reading letters from idiots ready to defend Liz's right to make an ugly fool of herself. There will not be all that many critical letters allowed to sully Liz's big day, no even ones that wonder what happens after.
Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I have the sinking feeling that today April will point out that her participation in the Settlepocalypse is unnecessary only to greeted by yelled accusations that she wants to ruin everything from dim Elly, learning-impaired Liz or both. Also, Jim Inman will defend their right to unhinge their jaws and react to common sense with verbal abuse.

Well, someone's right to freak out will be defended.

Panel 1: Liz asks Elly if any more RSVPs have come in. Elly says yes but they're missing about ten.

Panel 2: Liz then whines that she hopes they respond soon because she wants to tell Annie Nichols how many meals she has to prepare.

Panel 3: She then hypocritically bleats about people waiting until the last minute which causes Elly to tell her to calm down.

Panel 4: Bridezilla roars that she can't causing Elly to look like a weird, horrified female amalgam of John and Weed.

Panel 5: John, having heard the bellow of the monster his wife unleashed in her mad quest to turn Liz into her, asks Elly how things are going. She tells her freaked-out hubby that her patience is almost gone.

Summary: Once again, we see Elly being unable to deal with the consequences of her actions. She raised a child who viewed a BFW as all-important, despite protestations to the contrary, and she's pissed off because she got yelled at. If John is smart, he won't pull the same stunt he did when April asked for five minutes time to save her files before eating. If he does, he's liable to have his head bit off.

ETA: Lynn must be pet-happy right now. Instead of photoshopping her characters at their many beach trips to tell us that it's summer, she used yet another pet strip.