July 6th, 2008

Panicky Candiru

Monday, 7 July 2008

The one good thing about yesterday's exercise in sappiness, which put paid to Lynn's claims that she didn't want to deal in treacle, is that we saw planning for the Settlepocalypse. Whether we'll see more this week or get any indication that they're aware that they should be planning for their married life afterward is not for me to say.

Well, according to Comics Curmudgeon, we're going to be subjected to "Liz Patterson: Bridezilla" this week.

Panel 1: We start off, oddly enough, with April and her friends getting ready to leave the local beach.

Panel 2: They drive back to Milboring.

Panel 3: And she waves to them as they drop her off at the TTH.

Panel 4: Elly wonders why she took off like that when she thought that she was going to help them with the Settlepocalypse. April explains that she did.

Panel 5: She got out of everyone else's way, you see. Especially a visibly fuming Liz's way.

Summary: Unlike Elly or Dee, April isn't stupid. She knows that when Liz freaks out that she shouldn't be within range of a coffee mug or rolled up newspaper.

ETA: The banner is still Farley biting the rubber mouse. I hope they at least change it for the wedding.

Prediction: At some point this week, April will point out that there's very little she can do to help with the preparations. This will be greeted with outrage on the part of Liz, Elly and the Camera-in-my-house brigade.