July 5th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Here we go with the full fail-down of our Sunday glurgefest.

Panel 1: We find ourselves bearing witness to the latest and hopefully final alterations of the Miracle Dress. We see Deanna hemming the skirt as Elly, who looks like a hobbit, gazes on in admiration.

Panel 2: Deanna does her final check of the bodice. Liz is way too happy about that, thereby answering those of us who wonder if she's been getting any in the negative.

Panel 3: As Elly comments Dee on the wonder job she's done on the dress and Dee says thanks, Liz poses in such a manner as to make it look as if she's going to backhand the older person who keeps touching her.

Panel 4: Deanna explains that she had two concerns: the difficulty of working with such old fabric and the opinion of a woman *Marian, to be specific) she never really knew as to whether she should be doing this to her dress.

Panel 5: Elly tells Dee that she would have loved to see her dress worn again. Whether she'd approve of what her grandson's wife did to it is another story.

Panel 6: She then tells Liz to turn around one last time which elicits Liz's only line: "Like this?"

Panel 7: Elly repeats her statement that Marian would be happy.

Panel 8: And if she hadn't died, she'd be helping her try it on. As confirmation, Marian's ghost is helping her by putting on the veil. Too bad that it looks as if she's taking it off. It's also too bad that she looks nothing like Marian. Oh, well.

Summary: The old lady (who IS Marian because Lynn says she is, our recollections otherwise be damned) has left Batiuk's Great White Void, where she chilled with Farley, the granddad from Family Circus and Lisa Moore, to give her ghostly seal of approval to her dress being altered beyond recognition. Lynn has officially become a complete failure.