June 27th, 2008


Farley: the Book.....

In case it hasn't been posted before, here's the description of the children's book Lynn plans to write about Farley:

"It is a full-color picture book for children from four to seven years old. It is about a dog who loves to eat and doesn’t care about what he is eating, and he gets lost following one delicious scent after another, and then after a day of being lost he comes home." Also, the Patterswine are depicted but not mentioned by name.

Great. Just what the world needs. A heartwarming tale about neglecting and/or endangering a pet. I don't know about you but I'd rather read "Farley was the bestest dog ever but April killed him because she didn't listen to Elly. The End."

No Canadian Beauty

The last few days' strips have been singularly uninspiring, and in any case I'm out of town in Pittsburgh this weekend with uncertain Internet access. Still, I'd like to ask a question here for future reference.

Has it ever been said in the strip what sort of music April likes and listens to? Presumably as a musician herself she must have favorites, but I don't remember those strips well enough to recall whether it was touched upon. So, if the better informed can enlighten me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Lady Candiru

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Here we are at the end of another week of flashbacks. I would like to believe that, since we supposedly only have nine weeks left, that Lynn would resist the temptation to have another week like this before the Settlepocalypse but I sort of know better. That being said, let's see how Elly fails today.

She's going to hit us with the "I-got-it-worse-than-you" bullshit.

Panel 1: We see Lizzie laugh at Mike who's playing Cheeta the Chimp. Harmless, right? Since they're getting along for once, maybe even to be encouraged, wouldn't you say? Not according to Elly. The look on her face is one of surprised consternation.

Panel 2: The children insist on being children, damn them, when John arrives talking about how hard his lot is.

Panel 3: We see the two of them startled by Mike yell really loud. This shocks them because of their mutual belief that he should spend his time with his hands folded waiting to be given permission to speak.

Panel 4: She then makes a snarky remark about trading places because dealing with children is soooooooooooo hard.

Summary: Elly failed as a mother because she thought she was too special to have to deal with children.