June 16th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Now that Dee has altered the latest version of the Miracle Dress and basically told Liz that marriage isn't as glamorous as it would appear, let's see what other character will arrive to offer his or her opinion of things.

Perhaps tomorrow. Right now, these two idiots have to destroy April's future.

Panel 1: We pick up the Dee and Liz show with the senior martyr pointing out that the first years, those being before your husband feels overwhelmed by his second child, will be fun but it won't last.

Panel 2: The giddiness and passion of those early times will fade really fast until you're merely friends, parents and business partners. Liz points out that she and Anthony are already friends.

Panel 3: She also already feels like a parent. I'd respond to that but you already know how I feel about her need to says she's things she isn't. Dee says that marriage is a real challenge that she'll be there for her.

Panel 4: She goes on to say that whatever Liz needs, she and Mike will get it to her. Too bad that Liz can only think of one thing off the top of her head.

Panel 5: That thing is Dee's babysitter.

Summary: Say goodbye to Secondary Education, April. You'll spend YOUR life cleaning out cages and chasing after brats.