June 14th, 2008


Sunday, 15 June 2008

I believe today's strip to be the first Father's Day strip Lynn ever wrote. It occurs during Elly's trip (with kids in tow) to Vancouver to see her parents and features John pottering around the house commenting to himself on all the things he can safely do without Elly, Mike or Lizzie getting in his face. He can sleep in without Elly hogging the blankets or having children bounce him out of bed at the crack of dawn, for instance. He can also take his own sweet time bathing and not be hectored about picking up after himself afterward. He can wear the tasteless clothes that make him look like a fool without his wife tell him he isn't wearing THAT in public. He can eat what he wants and do what he wants. The fact that what he wants to do is watch Disney while drinking beer in a living room that looks like a bomb hit it is up to him. And yet even though he can do all this stuff he like to do, he feels sort of empty inside without her and the kids around and wishes they could get home. In short, it's one of the light, sweet strips that Lynn never got around to putting in the flashback. We all know why she has Elly remember things the way she does, though; it's easier to justify owning the horses if it looks like justice.
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An Open Reply to Lynn Johnston

So, as I posited top of page 3 of the last thread, rather than all of us sit here and fume about Lynn's appalling lack of respect for her craft AND her readers as expressed in her recent Coffee Talk statement, I thought it might be good for all we snarkers to combine our knowledge and experiences to construct a thoughtful, intelligent response.

I think we are all capable of conveying to Lynn our displeasure at her list of flimsy excuses without being snarky or patronising to her. We snark here, but I like to think that if any of us were in Lynnie's presence, we'd either clam up or offer our criticism with a degree of courtesy.

We're all here because we KNOW this can end better.
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