June 12th, 2008


Friday, 13 June 2008

As we see the Pattersons relay the news of Liz's plans from one person to the next, we must ask ourselves if today's the day Liz tells Hunka-hunka-burning-lump Awfulny about her plans. After all, he's got to be consulted at some point.

Not today, though.

Panel 1: That's because we're back with Liz and April. The Martian explains to Liz, who's holding yet another in a long line of Miracle dresses, that she'd seen old photos of Jim and Marian's wedding and that her grandmother looked beatiful.

Panel 2: Lynn alters the facts yet again by having Liz say that Marian was nearly the same size as she is. April's response, as she's zipping Liz into the dress, is that it's weird to wear a dress from so long ago.

Panel 3: Liz then exclaims that the fabric is beatiful. April's response, which contains the oh-so-annoying "An'", is that it's pretty cool. But, wait, there's more...

Panel 4: She then tells her that the dress looks great on her except for the back, sleeves and neckline. Liz's expression is eerily similar to the last panel of Monday's strip.

Summary: This strip contains 100% of your RDA of Total Fail.