June 11th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 12 June 2008

It would seem that we are making the rounds this week as news of the Settlenuptuals is passed from character to character. I would hope that the Decider would run this by the Pasty One today but I'm sure we'll have to endure that Hell Saturday.

ETA: We've received an official directive from the creator that (guess what) explains that she's decided to tell us what's going on instead of showing us. Ladies and Gentlesnarkers, I give you Lynn's Declaration of Creative Bankruptcy!

Now, onto to the strip.

Panel 1: We see Liz sitting on the porch of the TTH with Edgar. John walks towards her and says that he's just heard the wedding plans have been moved up. Liz explains it's because she wants Jim there.

Panel 2: John allows as how Elly would also like that.

Panel 3: He goes on to say that it's nice having him here. He then implies she's kinda lucky to know Jim by explaining his grandparents died when he was pretty much Robin's age and all they are to him is a vague memory.

Panel 4: Her response is to say she wished he wasn't so frail and that he would live forever. John says that's what makes life precious.

Panel 5: We, as he says, only get so much of it.

Summary: Fail, comma, Total. John just made the Waltons look like the Manson Family.

ETA: The banner on the homepage uses a picture of Awfulny, Lizardbreath and Dawn to congratulate high school graduates.