June 10th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

After a morally dissonant Tuesday where Liz decided to stop "taking it slow" because she thought marrying in August was too cool to not do, it should be obvious that the Decider might deign to tell the Pasty One about this. It should also be obvious that we'll see a lot of comments about how she and Elly had more chemistry than she does with Nostache.

Maybe later in the week, though. Lynn's gotta kick Rod in the crotch by proxy.

Panel 1: That's because we find ourselves in John's workshop. He asks Elly if Liz intends having her wedding this summer to which she responds that she thinks so.

Panel 2: It seems that Liz wants to have it now because she wants Jim there to see him walk down the aisle in what eveyone thinks is Marian's dress and he ain't gonna be around much longer. John murmurs in understanding.

Panel 3: He then states that what Elly means is that their lives will be plunged into the chaos of the Settlepocalypse. She asks him if he's down with that. He says "Ain't no thing."

Panel 4: After all, he says, it isn't like he's gotta participate in any way. As always, his stupid insensitivity is answered by Elly hurling something at his oafish head.

Summary: RodJohn, bad man.