June 9th, 2008

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Coffee Talk: the week of 9 June 2008

Here's the thread for this week's edition of Coffee Stalk. Let's see how many people think Liz gives a frak about that old guy April keeps ranting about. What was his name again? Great-Uncle Jasper or something? Let's also see how many people contradict my post about Dixie.

ETA: Make sure to mark the twenty-seventh of September on your calendars. That's because that's when the last first-run strip appears. After that, the Reload.

ETA 2: Lynn just said in her Declaration of Total Failure that the strip ends on 30 August. On that note, let's see how many Kool-Aid Quaffers respond to her premise (Worship me, Puny Mortals! I'm an arrogant failure!) by stating that she's their brain.
Angry Candiru

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

As we've seen, the touching series of strips we saw last week were simply a lead-in to the Settlepocalypse. I'd like to think that Liz's stunned reaction meant she was reconsidering the whole thing but I know that we'll end up watching two morose jerks who look like they can barely stand one another listlessly agree that they guess they've set their wedding date.

Well, we've got two morose jerks but they aren't setting a date.

Panel 1: We see Liz at the TTH talking to Elly. For once, neither of them is drinking coffee. Liz, with head in hands as if picking a date for things was such a burden it threatens to overwhelm her, again restates her desire to take things slowly as far as the wedding is concerned. Elly says of course she does which means that if she wants to take things slow, go right ahead.

Panel 2: After all, Grampa Jim saw her in the Miracle Dress and doesn't have to walk her down the aisle. This makes little sense because that's Train Man's job but this is one Patterson trying to reassure another; sense is irrelevant.

Panel 3: She then says that he's probably happy knowing she has a definite plan for the future. Given that that plan involves only doing things in response to one panic or another, I'd be less reassured but (in the words of eeknight) I'm not some stinking Foob drama queen.

Panel 4: She then wraps it up by saying that Liz should do what feels best for her 'cause it's her life to live. I wish she had done so without looking as if she were trying to feel her daughter up but that's just me.

Panel 5: This, for some reason, causes Liz to state that a summer wedding is a damned good idea. Elly doesn't know it but she just gave Liz permission to get something done.

Hypothesis: We had to endure all this "take it slow" crap Liz was spouting because she didn't want to tell us the truth; that's because she didn't have the decency to say that she was looking for someone to tell her she wasn't making a mistake. Now that she's found someone who did so, she can not take things slow.

ETA: In case you missed it, the Reload supposedly starts 29 September 2008. That is, of course, assuming Lynn doesn't cave into the pressure from her loyal fans and keeps this thing going.

Cartoon Closet article

An article in the blog[?] AfterElton reviews the current state of gay characters in the funnies (The Cartoon Closet).  Of course Lynn's storyline about Lawrence is featured, which just underscores the problem, because there hasn't been a gay storyline in comics with even close to that level of exposure since 1993 (OK, except Doonesbury). 

Even Lynn put the whole issue back in the closet (it's a lot easier to deal with Shannon's situation than Lawrence's, it appears). 
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