June 8th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 9 June 2008

Now that we've probably parted company with Jim for a while, I wonder what the next week will bring. I wish it could bring strips like the ones we saw the second half of the week but I ain't holding my hopes up.

Panel 1: We start off with April thanking Liz for picking her up from Jim's place. Liz says "No problem" and asks how Jim is doing. We get two elbows to the ribcage in one panel because Lynn is depserate to prove that Liz doesn't treat April like crap and gives one about the old man. She's one for two because if she actually cared about her grandfather, she could have Goddamned well gone up and seen for herself. Instead, she's like Mike and fears getting old people germs.

Panel 2: April harshes Liz's mellow by telling her that the man is rapidly deteriorating and that it frightens her.

Panel 3: She then tells the Great White Goof that if she wants to subject him to being present at her kitsch abomination wedding, she'd better have the damned thing soon.

Panel 4: Liz counters that with her usual waffling bullshit about not wanting to rush things and wanting to take life one day at a time. April states that she knows that because she knows what an indecisive twit the Breath is.

Panel 5: She also tells Little Miss "It's all about Me" that the one thing Jim ain't got is days left. Being made aware that there are other needs besides her own causes the self-pitying creep to stare as if she were a mannequin.

Summary: I knew she couldn't keep it up. We're back to life in the crap pile as Liz once again does something (set a date for the Setltlepocalypse) in response to an external stimulus. Too bad it's too late to complain about Liz not having any gumption.