June 5th, 2008

Bemused Candiru

Friday, 6 June 2008

We're at the second day of the story arc wherein Jim's fate will finally be decided. Yesterday's strip was a reminder of how good Lynn can be when she wants to. The question is "Does she still want to?"

Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't.

Panel 1: It's dinner time and April is telling Jim what's going on in her life. It seems that she's got a summer hob at the local veterinary clinic. Jim says "Yes?" to indicate he wants to hear more.

Panel 2: It's merely light duties such as cleaning cages but it should be interesting work. She also tells him she has her G1 and that he should be proud of how good a driver she is.

Panel 3: After she tels him that she's gotten high marks in Music class, he starts to rise up, alarming her to the extent that she asks if he's alright.

Panel 4: She's so alarmed, in fact, that she asks Iris for help. Iris tells her to not worry.

Panel 5: He simply wants to stand so he can hug her while his wife delivers a silly pun.

Summary: It's not as good as yesterday's but better than she's been doing.