June 4th, 2008

Bemused Candiru

Thursday, 5 June 2008

It looks right now as if Lynn is building up to the conclusion of two story arcs: April's termination of her friendship with Eva and Jim's placement at Sunset Acres. As howtheduck said, we're in for plenty of tasteless puns at his expense.

Not today, though.

Panel 1: We start off today's punch to the gut by seeing Iris tell a bed-ridden Jim that April has arrived.

Panel 2: As she helps her husband up, Iris tell April to put the tea on. April gladly does so.

Panel 3: Iris then explains that April brought her music, a box of his favorite cookies and that she's going to stay for dinner. His response: "Yes?"

Panel 4: Iris tells April that Jim is pleased to see her and wants to walk out to the kitchen so she can see how he's doing.

Panel 5: Given April's grief-stricken reaction, he's deteriorated since she saw him last. I too want to cry.

Question: Why isn't he in Sunset Acres now, for God's sake? Also, what can't Lynn write this well more often?