June 2nd, 2008


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It seems to me that howtheduck may be right in thinking that the point of this week's story arc is April destroying her friendship with Eva. She's got this strange idea that she has to torpedo all her friendships as a part of getting ready for University and she's already ditched Becky and Luis. The only people left will be Gerald and the Patterclan if this keeps up. (My assumption here being that if Eva goes, she'll take Duncan with her.)

Panel 1: Eva asks April if she's not going to buy anything which leads April to state that she doesn't have much money on her.

Panel 2: She, you see, must spend her own money on things she wants except when Elly is there. In that instance, Flapandhonk puts the clothes she approves of on her credit card.

Panel 3: This causes Eva to do something that indicates that their friendship is doomed: she disagrees with what Elly is doing. She says that this is an awful thing because Elly should trust her child to behave responsibly. Forget it, kiddo. Elly didn't get to be the frustrated, burnt-out shell of a woman she is by trusting people.

Panel 4: As proof of Eva's new evilossitude, she buys a shirt she doesn't need because she likes it and, horror of horrors, admits it.

Panel 5: This causes April to thought-bubble she's glad she was raised to be a Patterclone.

Summation: Eva, we hardly knew thee.