June 1st, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 2 June 2008

I'm opening up this thread for the Monday strip featuring April and Eva. It occurs to me that this might lead anywhere. It could lead to a smackdown, more noise about Gerald or even discussion of the Settlepocalypse. We can't tell from the starting strip, which itself is unintentionally multilayered, where Lynn's going with it.

Panel 1: We start off in a clothing store as we see Eva show an appreciative April a stylish outfit she might like to buy. Featured prominently is a black belt with a metal buckle.

Panel 2: She models a different outfit but keeps the belt.

Panel 3: Now, she's wearing a dress with the belt.

Panel 4: The clerk asks her if she's decided what she was going to buy. Eva resists the temptation to point out that asking if "we" are ready sounds silly but does succumb to the temptation to say she's "totally" decided....

Panel 5: ....on buying the belt she was shopping for. Most of Kool-Aid nation will side with the saleslady (who's mourning a big fat commission gone down the crapper) and think Eva's a flake. Me, I think she has outfits similar to what she modeled and was looking for The Perfect Accessory.

Hypothesis: This could lead anywhere. This could also be a pointless waste of time that will make the Settlepocalypse even more rushed and incherent that I originally thought it would.