May 28th, 2008

Koumori and her Laptop

A new Foob fic...

Almost a week ago,
we were discussing how we would end the strip, and I posted my idea for Liz, among the others.

Well, I was thinking about what I wrote, and I expanded on it until it became a full fic. My view is that Liz's life can go in another direction, happy and successful, instead of her becoming the rum swigging house frau I originally pictured. But in order to achieve that happy life she would need to start here.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

It would appear the we're in for the first of a series of flashbacks that relate to Elly's time as John's assistant. If I recall correctly, John was, to say the least, a stern taskmaster. To say the most, he was the Boss From Hell. We should also see the strips wherein he made a point of not seeing how badly his decision to hire an attractive assistant based solely on her looks hurt Elly's feelings.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly talking to another of John's early assistants, thereby making complete nonsense of Flapandhonk's premise right off the bat. It appears the woman has inadvertantly dropped some plaster on the floor and tells Elly she has to clean it up post haste.

Panel 2: As she does so, she tells Elly that Doctor Patterson is quite insistent on keeping things as orderly and clean as he possibly can.

Panel 3: We then shift to his surgery. As we see him working on poor little Harold from the last flashback, he testily tells Elly this is neither the time or place to discuss wher he left his socks.

Hypothesis: We're probably going to be spending the rest of this week and all of next watching this when we could be seeing actual progress. That means the Settlepocalypse will be a series of flashbacks.