May 26th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk: the week of 26 May 2008

I'm opening up the thread for the week's Coffee Talk today in the expectation that Lynn would no more respect Memorial Day than she did American Thanksgiving. That being said, we're probably in for more yackety-yack about Warren, Liz and Anthony with a hint of Mike-shipping and, later in the week, the moral panic April's presence always seems to inspire.

ETA: Way to honor American veterans, Lynn. I'm sure they appreciate being associated with a dog playing with a squeeze toy.

ETA2: The banner has reverted to the creepy-looking picture of JSTF and Aypo at the campfire.
Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

We're at a bit of a crossroads here. Will this week's plotline be more "Elly vs. the Martian Creature" or a flashback about Elly's struggle with evil technology (with evil being defined as something she has neither the patience or brains to understand)?

A little of both actually....

Panel 1: Elly reminds us that April and Eva spent the drive up to the mall texting one another. Connie sympathetically clucks "Kids" because she's being a friend.

(ETA: She also displays her ignorance because we've all seen adults who do the same damned thing.)

Panel 2: Elly then risks sunburning her tongue because she has to point out that they do this instead of saving it up to have a good long bullshit session over coffee. I'm sort of on her side here but part company because she doesn't point out that texting costs money.

Panel 3: She then rants about how texting is destroying their ability to use proper English. If it means not being like Mike and using prose so purple only bees can see it, I'm all for it.

Panel 4: Connie asks her if they said where they wanted to be picked up. Elly says no.

Panel 5: No big deal, though. She'll just text'em and get the 411. Connie laughs at her friend for her unwitting hypocrisy

Hypothesis: It's Elly versus Modernity week. materialgirl850, roll out the tumbleweed.