May 24th, 2008

Calm Candiru

Sunday, 25 May 2008

I'm opening up this thread for the Memorial Day Sunday strip. A full breakdown will appear tomorrow.

ETA: The Non-sequitur "Enjoy your Holiday" banner is up with a slight change as the Canadian flag has been replaced by the Stars and Stripes.

Panel 1: The year: 1980. The place: the backyard of the Pattermanse. The people: Mike and Lawrence. Mike asks his friend if he's never seen a bird trap before.

Panel 2: He then goes on to state one starts with a lasso covered in dirt so as to disguise it.

Panel 3: Next, he describes the bait: bread crumbs and dead worms.

Panel 4: Then, one waits. Lawrence asks him how long. What he should be asking is what they'll do to the bird if they should catch one. Also, how much trouble they'll get in. It's obvious that Mike thinks that he's experiencing a boyhood rite of passage. What he's not aware of is that if he shows off his prize, he'll catch fifteen different kinds of Hell from his mother.

Panel 5: Time passes. Lawrence is getting bored and wonders when they're going to catch something. Given that said trap doesn't have ten chances in a thousand of catching a bird, he should change conjunctions. "If" sounds more appropriate.

Panel 6: More time passes. It's starting to get dark out. Mike and Lawrence are still there waiting to trap a bird.

Panel 7: It's nightime. Lawrence has gome home because he had the sense to quit when something wasn't working. Not our boy. He's still there, yelling "DUMB BIRDS!!" as if it's their fault he wasted a day of his life doing something stupid that would get his arse paddled if he'd succeeded.

Hypothesis: He may look foolish but at least he's no quitter. Any shnook can stop doing something that isn't working but it takes character to burn youself into the ground doing something futile and silly.