May 23rd, 2008


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Well, here we are at the end of the Blood Cargo story arc. Now that the celebrations and inadvertant-on-Lynn's-part Ho-yay are over with, we're due for a leaden bon-mot to summarize the week.

Panel 1: We see Mike and Dee on the drive home commenting on how exciting his day has been and how tired he is.

Panel 2: Deanna is grateful that Elly shows up to ignore the Patterspawn. Mike says she's a godsend. I say God wasn't the one who sent her. I'd look elsewhere, myself.

Panel 3: What they can both agree on his they'd do a lot less without her there to sit there on the phone while their kids drink bleach and stick barettes into wall sockets. Heaven forfend that his evil nother-in-law or that crazy Martian appear and, you know, interact with them. That way lies madness.

Panel 4: Mike hands Elly a potted plant. I wish she huffly asked if what he was up to now but instead she asks "For me?"

Panel 5: Elly thoughtbubbles that grandchildren are a gift that keeps on giving. (Leaden bon-mot that has nothing to do with anything: CHECK!!)

Hypothesis: Much like Erma Bombeck before her, Lynn is simpering that she doesn't have grandchildren to show off like some kind of damned trophy.