May 22nd, 2008


Here's a great idea stormwyvern just had....

stormwyvern just had the following really great idea:

If it's not too presumptuous of me to suggest, I think a post asking people how they would resolve the strip's various storylines in its remaining months of life were they given the reins would be interesting. I fully expect to see a lot of "everyone killed in a horrible accident involving John's trains" or "Therese becomes the most famous and successful and happy person in the whole world forever," but I'm sure we'd also get some really good insights and ideas.

So, how about it? I know for a fact that hoppytoad79 plans major Foob pwnage but what do the rest of you think?
Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 23 May 2008

Here we are at the second-to-last strip of the Blood Cargo launch arc. Now the the public and private celebrations are over, how will Mike react? Will he be relieved? Bursting with new ideas? A little let down? We'll soon see.

Actually, we won't.

Panel 1: That's because we're still at Weed's place. Mike reminds him that they've been friends for a long time. Thirteen or so years, Weed says.

Panel 2: Mike and his pal remind one another of their days in University with an emphasis on their being broke most of the time.

Panel 3: They then remind themselves they're doing a lot better now while giving one another playful WAKs and BOOTs.

Panel 4: Oh, how cute! They've decided to rassle one another 'cause they're loaded on Ontario wine. At least that's what they'll tell the womenfolk when they start comparing it to foreplay.

Panel 5: What's even cuter is that Dee makes a comment about how it's nice to see men hug. I wish she were being sarcastic here but knowing her, she's not. It would never occur to her to shout "Get a room, funboys."

Hypothesis: He may be a figure of gravity in public but deep down Mike is still the irritating kid we know and loathe. Not only is he whining about his struggles when he was handed the world on a plate, his and his pal's mannerisms lend credence to the stereotype of men in the arts being, at the very least, effete if not down right gay. The peculiarities he and Weed share that put fuel on that fire are, of course, the result of Lynn not knowing or caring how men in their shoes would actually behave.