May 18th, 2008

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Threadjacking to say ...

... I'm in Albuquerque with Dancing in Socks Guy right now. I have a second interview for a really good job that's located, oh, about a mile away from here, scheduled for tomorrow. Please send good thoughts and wishes and stuff my way. Let's show Lynn Johnston that you can marry outside your "culture" AND move away from your home town and still be hapy! ;)

Snarky Candiru2

Spoiler: The final fate of Mike Patterson....

smh47 has just found out that next week's story line will be about Michael celebrating the upcoming release of his second novel. This tells me that Lynn has finally decided to wrap up Mike's story line for real. Just as April is guardedly optimistic about the future without marrying herself to a career plan her parents may not be able to provide and how John plans to scale back his practice even further, Mike is suppsed to bow out as a mildly successful writer. All we need to do now is get Jim and Iris into Icefloe Acres and the last major obstruction to the final storyline will vanish. Once Liz and Anthony get married and Therese is humiliated to Lynn's satisfaction, they and Elly can have their stories concluded.
Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 19 May 2008

Thanks to smh47, we know that this strip will be about Mike and the upcoming publication of his second novel. I'm opening this up for the strip itself. Personally, I want to see exactly how gushy Deanna gets. As we've seen, she'll lavish praise on whatver he does so we're in for a massive display of ego-stroking.

Panel 1: We begin with an establishing shot as we see two dialogue balloons floating outside the window of an apartment building. One is impressed that Mike wrote book number two (which has the stupid title "Blood Cargo") while the other states that it's a real thriller. The speakers are clearly meant to be Mike's love interestfriend Weed and his beardgirlfriend Carleen.

Panel 2: Carleen then asks him where he, an ordinary looking guy, comes up with such amazing ideas. His response: "I dunno." My response would involve shining a flashlight up his rectum.

Panel 3: She then states that having all those ideas whirring around inside his head must be a hard burden to bear. He agrees with her....

Panel 4: ...but thought-bubbles that all those times where he didn't have a clue were the really hard part.

Hypothesis: We're going to see Mike wallowing in self-doubt this week.