May 16th, 2008


Saturday, 17 May 2008

It's the end of the unnecessary bowing out of a peripheral character who could have just as easily vanished like so many cast members before himsuper-important farewell to Warren Blackwood. It may seem that Liz came on a bit strong but, as howtheduck pointed out, she snuggles up to men as a matter of course. She's probably not even aware she's doing it. That being said, we're bound to have a really stupid coda to this inconsequential week.

I was right. It is stupid.

Panel 1: We see Elizabeth on the porch waving to Warren's silhouette as it prepares to drive off in its hovercar.

Panel 2: As she looks at the token that says she's taken, she thinks to herself that she thought once that she was in love with him but wasn't.

Panel 3: She also wasn't in love with Eric or Paul.

Panel 4: She asks herself if she's in love with Anthony...

Panel 5: ..and gives an equivocating response. Kool-Aid Nation will seize on this and say that she's madly in love with Awfulny. Rational minds will note that she didn't say yes or no and realize that she doesn't care if she loves him. She wants security, not love, meaning that the question is indeed irrelevant.

Hypothesis: The date of the Settlenuptuals will be decided as a response to something evil Therese does. Also, by not thinking about whether she's in love with Anthony, she's stopped herself from asking if he's love with her. After all, she never asked herself what the also-rans thought, rght?