May 7th, 2008

Lynn has a camera in my house. Sort of.

My father-in-law has had a stroke. Actually, it happened a few days ago, but I didn't want to discuss it until there was some change. He was unconscious until last night. Now he's awake, sitting up, and able to form words. There seems to be no paralysis as well.

Now, does this mean that the strip reflects my life? Granted, this happened a year and a half after Jim's stroke, but I've long suspected that when Kool-Aiders say this or that plot point happened to them at the same time, they're allowing a margin of up to three years either way.

He is on his second marriage. But he wasn't sitting in his chair waiting for prime rib when it happened. Actually, he was already in the hospital; they had to LifeFlight him to a different hospital. This happened shortly after surgery, and Cookie Monster is strongly convinced that it happened because of the surgery.

Cynical Candiru

Thursday, 8 May 2008: John Patterson Must Die

I'm using the same device by which trumanf expresses his distaste for "Cathy" for a reason. So far this week, it's been John whining to Ted about how nooooooobody liiiiiiiiiikes hiiiiiiiiiim because he's a dentist. That means it's time for his dirt nap.

It's slightly different today. Today, we see another in John's Parade of Misfit Clients.

Panel 1: We start off with Jean telling John that a "Brawling O'Brian" has arrived needing emergency dental care.

Panel 2: John rather nervously welcomes said O'Brian. It's easy to see why John's afraid as the man has a foot in height and 80 pounds on our boy so if he screws up, he could get broken in half.

Panel 3: John's fear for his safety increases as the hulking bruiser puts his meaty paws on his shoulders and says "Not so fast, Doc"...

Panel 4: ...only to be replaced by bafflement as the man whines pathetically about being scared. Ha bloody ha. A tank wailing "Save me from the scary dentist."

Hypothesis: We'll be seeing John not coping with another weirdo tomorrow.