May 5th, 2008


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

If the strip trumanf saw in Strip Fix last Friday is any judge, we'll be dealing with these inane John-centered flashbacks till Friday and get a stupid present-day coda Saturday. Let's see what Lynn serves up today, shall we?

Panel 1: We're still at the party (or, at least, a party). Joe Randomguy comes up to John and asks him how the dentist business is.

Panel 2: The drunk off his ass jerkwitty fellow makes a crudeclever remark about John's profession....

Panel 3: ...then asks John not to take offense despite his expressing hatred of all dentists everywhere.

Panel 4: John will not comply. He may hate his life but he hates being criticized even more.

Hypothesis: A man this thin-skinned would probably tend to avoid social gatherings so as to not have to deal with humor at his expense.

ETA: Since Elly is wearing a different dress, we're at a different party. My bad for not catching that.