May 3rd, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Today's strip is a new one set in the Pattermanse and it features Mike indavertantly undermining Deanna's attempt to set boundaries for the Paterspawn.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike ticka-tacka-typing at his computer, seemingly oblivious to Meredith's presence.

Panel 2: She reminds him of it by saying "Daddy!" His response: he says "Hi" and continues typing because he's too busy to be bothered with this snall person.

Panel 3: Her second attempt elicits a "Hm."

Panel 4: She asks him if she can have a cookie. No response, just more "ticki-tackata", the creep.

Panel 5: She says "Daddy" again and, with a scowling face, says "Mmm?" He's probably wondering why Dee hasn't come to take this annoying little child away from him yet because, as we all know, spewing out crap like "Breaking the Windjammer" is more important than his daughter.

Panel 6: She then ups the ante by asking if she can eat a box of cookies.

Panel 7: She then calls him "Dad". She could use the more appropriate "Douche" and still get the same frozen-faced mask of silent irritation.

Panel 8: She asks Michael if he's listening to her at all. He answers "Yes" which is a lie. If he had, he'd have asked what Dee said.

Panel 9: This doesn't bother the child in the least, however. It almost looks as if she were hoping to take advantage of her father's tendency to ignore her.

Panel 10: Any way, she and Robin are in the kitchen wolfing down the cookies and telling a gobsmacked Deanna that Daddy said they could.

Hypothesis: Mike should start paying more attention to his kids. If he doesn't, he'll turn into Funky Winkerbean and stand around bitching about how he can't understand why his children act up despite being given the best of everything.